How to scan documents and turn them into PDF format using just your phone!

It is definitely amazing how the small smartphones in our pockets have simplified numerous tasks such as scanning documents. Scanning documents are tasks that feel like they should be outdated in the digital era, but sometimes when you are handling physical paperwork and taking notes by hand, it is easier for you to digitize them by scanning them instead of writing them all over. With your smartphone whether it’s an iPhone or Android, you can turn any document into a PDF format with these simple steps.

– If you are using an iPhone, Ipad, or Ipod touch follow these steps:

You start by opening the Notes application, you either select a note or create a new one.
Then you tap on the Camera icon Tap Camera button to start scanning a document in Notes, and then tap Scan Documents Scan document icon.

You now place your desired document in view of the camera. If your iPhone is already in Auto mode, then your document will automatically scan.

If you need to manually capture the document you want to scan, tap on the Shutter button tap the Shutter button to scan or one of the Volume buttons on the left side.

Then you drag the corners to adjust the scan to fit the page, once this is done you tap on “Keep Scan.” 

Now you can either save it or add additional scans. After you save the image file, you can use it in any way you need to.

You can now attach it to an email in your Mail app, or even send it in a text message.

– If you are using an Android follow these steps:

To scan a document on an Android phone, you have two methods to choose from;

Method 1:

By using the Google Drive application that should be present on your phone, and if not you can download it here

Google Drive has an out-of-sight option for scanning documents using your smartphone’s camera and then saving them as PDF files within your cloud storage.

You can find it by opening the Google Drive app and tapping the blue “+” icon in the bottom-right corner and then selecting “Scan.”

When you tap on “Scan” the camera will open and then tap on the Shutter button tap the Shutter button to scan  to scan the document. 

*Note* Sometimes the Google Drive app fails to crop the image on it’s own, you can adjust that by tapping on the crop button and adjusting the dots to perfectly cut your document the way you want it. 

Method 2:

The second method is done by using the Google Keep application.

Google Keep is Google’s cross-platform note-taking utility.

It’s a very useful tool because you can extract text from your scanned document and save it as a regular text on your phone.

Firstly you need to open the application and then tap on the camera icon in the lower right corner, now take a photo of your document and once you’ve saved the note, open it and tap the image you captured. 

In the three-dot menu icon at the top-right corner of the screen, you’ll see an option labeled “Grab image text.” Tap it, and now every word from your physical document will appear as text within your note. You can now do whatever you like with the content. 

Now that you have scanned your document, you saved yourself from figuring out how a scanner works. 

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