The Material Exchange - Sharing solutions

The Material Exchange – Sharing solutions

How teachers can create solutions for others

Support resources in times of need and create solutions for others! Millions of people around the world are now turning to fast and secure teaching resources to be used either for their hybrid classrooms or home schooling. Today’s challenge comes from finding the right support from educators with the experience to inspire every student from primary to personal development. Identify community and school-based resources that could be helpful and encourage colleagues to use them. Through online resources found on online platforms such as, The Material Exchange, teachers and parents may find secure teaching resources that can be used for every level and age.

Teachers sharing expertise

Sharing online resources from experienced teachers is an approach that can help others while at the same time help themselves by earning an extra income. As online classrooms and online learning has now become the new trend in education it will most likely stay with us longer that we ever expected. Students will no longer like to be stuck in classrooms to study,  while they know they can get the same work done from the comfort of their homes. This is why now is the time for teachers to come together and share tailored resources to bring relevant active learning to the students. The benefits can be phenomenal and at the same time reach almost everyone by bonding together.

Become a Confident Change-maker

Teachers can be change makers for students around the world by sharing their experiences, ideas and resources on an online marketplace hence generate funds that will be used for the benefit of the class/ school. In the year 2020 one of the largest challenges teachers were facing was student interaction and keeping them engaged in the lesson due to the online learning process that was new to almost everyone, including the teachers themselves. Nowadays, teachers are feeling more confident and providing effective production with online education by using resources such as videos, interactive lessons, digital slides, engaging visuals and digital games. By collaborating on an online marketplace, educators remain focused and support their students by developing assignments to meet their needs.

Hybrid Learning Environments

Teachers are now creating hybrid learning environments which is a way to combine traditional classroom experiences with digital course delivery for each learning objective. There is no turning back to traditional classroom as educators are now able to provide resources that can be easily accessed online or in class providing students with endless opportunities of learning and exchanging ideas. As teachers and students are faced with challenges it can be somewhat difficult to create innovative and interactive learning, therefore by sharing resources teachers are finding ways to support one another and learn from others experiences.

As many might believe hybrid learning is not beneficial it also has many disadvantages such as:

  • Time Management
  • Always same facetime for everyone
  • Online discussions are equal
  • Continued learning even after classroom time is over
  • It is more effective in many cases

Home Schooling Support

Parents and teachers are now working together to support children learn in hybrid environments. Finding support from marketplaces is very promising to family members that support their children learning online. Teachers can now share their responsibilities by providing resources that will support the student’s needs. It is also a fact the families also found that supporting the emotional needs of the child is very demanding therefore any guidance they receive from educators is very promising, as not to overlook the teachers professionalism and spotlight for the children’s learning needs. Some benefits of homeschooled children is that children and parents work together in a warm friendly environment along with the academic flexibility.

Teachers and Student Engagement

Students and teachers are gradually adjusting to online learning and is becoming more and more acceptable by communities around the world. Teachers try to use enthusiasm for a topic but it is also important to bring out the student’s enthusiasm by keeping them engaged by incorporating areas of interest for them.  It is a time where people need to connect and work together to perform well for the generations to come. There are still many learning curves and obstacles that may arise but being optimistic, we will all get through it by working together and sharing experiences along with resources. As teachers care more about their students learning they should also take care of themselves by exchanging materials and ideas with other like minded people.


As we are approaching a new era of education and online learning, it is of great importance for teachers, parents, caregivers, and students to work together. Exchange ideas, experiences, and resources to make learning more fun, educational and interactive. Register on an online marketplace that will be beneficial for everyone and become one step closer to globalization. Encourage teamwork hence inspiring students to learn together in groups, give feedback, and the skills to become future leaders.

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