Advanced Business Writing – Teacher bundle


Instructor resources bundle for Advanced Writing Skills. Includes a guide, handouts, student manual, PowerPoint slides and a reference guide.

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A useful bundle for teaching Advanced Business Writing. Contains a lot of useful information on how to deliver a workshop or a lesson, including icebreakers, activities, delivery tips, and more! Can be used in a face-to-face workshop, online training or classroom.

What will your students learn

  • how to make their writing clear, complete, concise, and correct.
  • how to improve sentence construction and paragraph development.
  • how to deal with specific business requests.
  • how to create effective business cases, proposals, and reports.
  • how to thoroughly document sources that they use in their writing.

Essential topics covered

The C’s of Writing: all writing should be clear, concise, complete, and correct. Look at each of these elements in detail.

Writing Mechanics: learners will take a close look at the proper length of paragraphs, what a paragraph should contain, and how to order paragraphs.

Preparing Business Documents: write a business case, request for proposal, or a formal report. Where would you start? The material will provide some guidelines that will help with these tasks.

What’s included in the bundle

  • Instructor Guide: Contains all textbook information plus this preface, icebreakers, activities, delivery tips, and more!
  • Student Manual: Contains textbook information as well as areas to take notes. Each manual also includes an evaluation form, action plan, and recommended reading list.
  • Handouts: Contains pre and post-class answer keys as well as any additional information or activity resources.
  • PowerPoint Slides: PowerPoint presentation highlighting talking points in the course.
  • Quick Reference Guide: Two-page cheat sheet of tips and facts covered in the course.

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